Hamptons Educational Foundation scholarships are based upon three criteria:

1.) Financial need
2.) Academic achievement
3.) Desire to continue education beyond high school.


Next month (April) The Hamptons Educational Foundation (HEF) will begin the process of selecting this year’s scholarship recipients. To be selected, students are judged in four categories: family/student need, proven success in high school, proven community service, and a desire to achieve. Each student must complete an application (which includes a written essay), provide financial documentation, and be interviewed by a panel of our members. Based on these criteria, we select the students most deserving of our funding. Each semester, scholar-ship recipients are required to report their class schedule and grade transcripts to us, as well as send an essay relating their college experience to date. Each student then receives ¼ of their $3,000 scholarship. To date HEF has awarded over $500,000 in college scholarships. In addition, HEF has provided the following: Given scholarships to exceptional high school students to participate in summer programs on elite college campuses, Funded buses to take high school students to visit college campuses, Given new laptop computers to especially needy scholars. Your help and support are invaluable and much appreciated as we endeavor to help these deserving students achieve their educational goals.

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