Letters From Students


Anyone who has helped the Hampton Educational Foundation raise money for our student scholarship fund automatically becomes on “honorary grandparent” to these kids. Each semester the students receiving scholarships send in a report of their grades, classes they are taking next semester and a letter telling us about their college experience. Here’s a part of a letter we received recently where the student addresses a very timely issue, just reminding us that today’s students are our hope for the future:

(Jenica Louis, Class of 2018)

Dear Hampton Grandparents,

Hello everyone!. The year is almost over, and I thank God for letting us see another year. First semester of my second year completed, one semester to go! I am very excited for the plans coming up in this upcoming year of 2020. In April/ May, I plan on applying to nursing schools and programs around back home and around Tampa, and with acceptance I plan on starting Fall 2020. My top choice currently is Polk State College, as their nursing program is well recommended and accredited, and suits my needs and interests. I wanted to share my plans with you all, because you mean so much to me, and I wouldn’t had been able do it without you guys, so thank you so much! As stated previously, I have continued to seek interest in the Public Health domain, as a majority of my classes were public health classes this semester. My favorite class this semester was Introduction of Infection Control, where I learned about how one can find diseases in the littlest objects, and how easily disease can spread on a public health level. I have decided to take an Epidemiology class this upcoming semester to learn more about diseases and how they affect individuals. (Jenica Louis, Class of 2018)

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